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The Life Principles group facilitate quality of life through discussions and reflection on the universal laws, equine assisted processes, quantum mechanics, guided visualisations, tension release exercises, yoga and meditation as an integrative approach to assist and enable clients to find their own truth and live inspired and fulfilled.

Awareness creates empowerment

Experience through inspired action and support makes it real. 

We focus on the simplicity of basic life principles and universal laws. After more than 20 years of research and personal experience, the preferred approaches have been identified as the processes where individuals can find their truth through their own inner wisdom, which inevitably makes for the most powerful and pure experiences.

A safe space is created to enable guests to find their own truth through experiential learning, to continue a journey of excitement and inspiration, by following their inner guidance towards abundance and freedom.

We work with evidence-based results to continually achieve the highest possible outcomes and the equine-assisted-processes are one of our core approaches, as it mirrors the nature of life with all its principles in profound ways. The other core approach is meditation in all its forms, which is the key to personal freedom.


Realisation or Understanding.
The state of being conscious of something.


Creativity or Imaginativeness.
A sudden brilliant idea or timely revelation.


Change or Metamorphosis.
A marked change in form, nature or appearance.

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