Enlightened Spiritual Consciousness

Dimensions are levels of awareness or consciousness, almost like different radio stations playing on different wave lengths.

We are multi-dimensional beings and it would be wise to learn and understanding the principles and laws of this team game called Life.

When we understand the spiritual laws or universal truths, which is the principles of life, and start to live according to it we become co-creators with the Divine. Meditation becomes a practise, which lead us to the answers of our inner wisdom. We become masters and the higher we move into mastery, the more expanded our vision of creation becomes. You know you are starting to master life, when you no longer blame anyone or anything for your circumstances.

In this enlightened spiritual reality, humanity starts to operate from a space of unconditional love, which Jesus Christ came to teach and show us.

Spiritual Consciousness

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The Law of Oneness, is the basic Principle of Life. Everything is connected to everything else.

When we understand that we are all one, that we are all part of God, we also understand the real meaning of the words of Jesus: “Do as you would be done by.”

A beautiful story to explain the LAW OF LIFE

When a newspaper reporter interviewed a farmer, who grew award-winning maize each year he entered his maize in the provincial agricultural fair, it was revealed that the farmer shared his seed maize with his neighbours.

Perplexed, the reporter asked, “How can you afford to share your best seed maize with your neighbours when they are entering their maize in competition with yours each year?”

The farmer smiled knowingly and explained, “The wind picks up pollen from the ripening maize and swirls it from field to field. If my neighbours grow inferior maize, cross-pollination will steadily degrade the quality of my maize. If I am to grow good maize, I must help my neighbours grow good maize.”

So it is with our lives. Those who live meaningful lives and experience true fulfilment, help enrich the lives of others, according to the highest good of all. For the value of a life, is measured by the lives it touches.

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As everyone is on their own path of ascension, who are we to judge the route another is taking? Our task is to find our way to our own truth, while acting according to the highest good of all, with compassion to those around us and recognising and honouring our own humanness. This is true freedom.

Typical questions or situations with an enlightened spiritual consciousness

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Typical questions or situations with an enlightened spiritual consciousness:
  • What is my truth?
  • Do I live with integrity?
  • How can I serve humanity?
  • Are my actions for the highest good of all?
  • Am I aware of the gifts in every experience?
  • Am I in alignment with the spiritual principles?
  • Do I take complete responsibility for what happens in my life?
  • What is presenting in my life and what can I learn from it, before I let it go?
  • Do I spend enough time in silence, listening for Divine answers?
  • Am I following the Divine guidance and answers, crossing my path, with discernment?
Spiritual Laws, Universal Truths or Life Principles
Spiritual Laws or Universal Truths which is the Principles of Life

Success and fulfilment in life could be defined as the continued expansion of a joyful life, with the realization of worthy goals. There are many aspects to growth and success, but most importantly, it is a journey, not a destination.

Material abundance, in all its expressions, makes the journey more enjoyable, but good health, energy and enthusiasm for life, fulfilling relationships and connection, creative freedom, emotional and psychological stability, as sense of well-being and peace of mind, are essential.

At the end, true success and fulfilment is the experience of the Divinity in us. It is the experience of a Divine connection, which have previously been perceived to be somehow separate from us and as a result, hidden from our comprehension. It is the perception of Divinity wherever you go – in the eyes of a child, in the beauty of a flower, in the touch of a horse.

These principles are the same principles we see in nature, and with awareness and practise, we can start to live in harmony with nature, humanity and ourselves, while co-creating with effortless ease, joy, love and inspiration.

The principles of life are an interconnected mesh of influences we experience every day


Living the Principles of Life
How do one navigate through life without understanding the principles of life? Can you recognise the wisdom of living your life according to these universal laws of nature and spiritual truths in order to properly participate in the game of life? The fact is, whether you believe in it or not, these Laws or Principles are influencing our everyday lives, which leaves everyone with the choice to remove the blindfolds and find the light switches or keep grasping and searching in the dark.

Knowing these principles or laws or truths will enable you to rise above and transcend the mutable principles, to transform your life and achieve true mastery.

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This site serves as an educational guidance and support system for you, to use and come back to, as things present in life. Let us help you find a way.

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We'd love to support you!

This site serves as an educational guidance and support system for you, to use and come back to, as things present in life. Let us help you find a way.

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