What is an Equine Assisted Experience?

The experience of an Equine Assisted Process is structured to provide an interactive, non-judgemental space, which involve activities with horses from the ground while the natural responses of the horses are observed.


The mirror-effect synchronisticly displayed in the moment

This moment-by-moment mirroring process of the active beliefs and current focus in the client’s internal world, allows individuals to explore the universal law of attraction, as well as what works best for them, while they are challenged with metaphorical everyday situations.

The unique support system, in the form of honest feedback from the horses and facilitators, can identify, address and transform everyday obstacles and frustrations to a life of synchronistic flow and emotional well-being.

The processes and activities are designed to offer and reinforce core values and basic life principles. Horses in combination with these scientific principles become the catalyst to real life experiences and raise self-awareness and the ability to identify and address limiting beliefs and hidden saboteurs that lead to everyday blind-spots and ineffective habits.

All Equine Assisted Activities are from the ground, and no horse riding is involved.


The influence of horses on our director’s life

I grew up with horses and different horse sports and although I always believed in the benefits horses had to offer, I never realised the true unlimited potential and powerful impact they have in just being themselves.

My mind was blown open when I experienced how they respond to our emotions and thoughts, which are conveyed subconsciously, through body language and mirror-neurons, to become instant mirrors. They are truly the most pure, non-judgemental feedback mechanisms to show us how to shift to new levels of truth and freedom. If anyone ever question synchronicity and the interconnectedness of the universe, this is where you can experience this phenomenon first hand. 

I have the privilege of witnessing the miracle of synchronicity and its positive spin off, every day of my life.

Marie Olivier


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