Linear Physical Perception

Dimensions are levels of awareness or consciousness, almost like different radio stations playing on different wave lengths.

We are multi-dimensional beings, but for a long-time humanity only focussed on the physical aspect of their reality.

Our physical reality is that of a 3-dimensional world which is matter-based. In this dimension there is a limited concept of the universe and a purely physical level of understanding. This awareness allows mostly, only that which can be seen, heard, touched, taste and smell, and our ‘perceptions of reality’ mould, shape and define the way we live our lives.

This physical perception is characteristic of the Newtonian universe of gravitation and physical laws and classical mechanics. It is a perception of a linear flow of information, starting with A, which then gives you B, which then gives you C, and which then gives you D.

Linear Physicality

In this linear physical reality, humanity also operates biologically from limited emotions or survival emotions, which are derived primarily from stress hormones, which tend to endorse more selfish and limited states of mind and body, and are mostly fear based. This is how humanity becomes addicted to negative emotions.

Image from the book “You are the placebo” by Dr Joe Dispenza.  Buy now on Amazon.

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Typical questions or situations with a linear physical perception of reality

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Typical questions or situations with a linear physical perception of reality:
  • Are material things of great importance to you or just something to enjoy as a by-product of a life of abundance?
  • Are you driven by competition and the need to be better than others or do you compete for the sheer joy of being the best you can be in the moment?
  • Are your relationships based on personal need and gain or the desire for control or do you experience relationships as a space for exploration and support?
  • Do you thrive on sensation or negativity or are you prayerfully focussed on the bigger picture of potential possibilities?
  • Do you regularly complain or need to be right in order to feel superior to others through labels, comparisons and projections of your own issues or are you open and honest about who you are, understanding that we are not separate from each other?
  • Would you rather stay in the role of the victim, believing life is unfair and thus avoid taking responsibility for your own life or would you rather find the lesson and gift in every experience and become empowered?
  • Would you rather stick to the known and stay stuck in your pain and suffering due to the fear of the unknown or would you rather face your pain and suffering, acknowledge it, and break through to embrace a fresh experience of unknown possibilities?
  • Do you criticize, judge, condemn and blame what’s going on ‘out there’ rather than gaining the understanding that all things in life are made real and tangible, based on what’s going on within yourself?
  • Do you look externally for guidance to avoid taking responsibility yourself or do you prefer the facilitation process of awareness, action and support towards your own truth?
  • Do you realise that there are laws acting as governing forces which determine every aspect of creation, including each event, condition and circumstance experienced by you and everyone else in the world on both an individual and collective scale?
  • Do you realise that just as electricity or gravity make no distinctions or judgments as to who they work for, universal laws operate in the same way?
  • Do you realise that the choice to harmonise with the universal laws can provide transformational quality of life, fulfilment, joy, peace and abundance?

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Our Linear Guidance Steps provide a structure to work from, in order to lay a healthy foundation for change.

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Linear Guidance Steps towards transformation
Our guidance structure provides the stepping stones and support towards transformation

The Linear Guidance Steps provide an easy structure to work from. It consists of 3 basic principles and the necessary tools to empower you to grow continuously towards living your best life.

The structure encourages awareness through insights, promotes action through choices, provides support and motivation and cultivates empowerment through habitual re-evaluation.

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Step 1: The gift of awareness
Options to explore:
  • Effective Personality and Temperament Resources provide insight into human behaviour and an awareness of the ‘how, what and why’ of our personal behaviour, which can lead to a level of self-knowledge that can set us on the path towards transformation.
  • The Equine Assisted Process will introduce a deeper insight into synchronicity and the ripple effect of our reactive patterns and provide a space to address ineffective habits, limiting belief-systems and everyday blind-spots, through practical exploration and in the moment experiential learning.

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Option: Personality and Temperament Resources

As we become more aware of the automatic, reactive, defensive patterns or our personality, we are less and less controlled by them. Being aware of what is most centrally driving our ego agendas, can greatly facilitate our growth.

It is in the act of seeing ourselves objectively, that something let’s go in us: We discover that at our core, we are not our personality and when we experience this truth, transformation becomes possible.

As we become free of our dominant type or motivational core, we will discover that we have all the types in us.

Option: Equine Assisted Processes

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The equine assisted processes are interactive and in the moment.

The act of bringing awareness to the moment, can cause our essential qualities to become more available and our personality to lose its grip over us.

In moments of such freedom, our essence reveals it’s many facets of the human spirit – acceptance, authenticity, forgiveness, compassion, courage, strength, love, joy, gratitude, vitality presence and boundlessness.

As the shift from personality to essence takes place, we discover that we can live differently, that we can be free.

Step 2: The power of action
Options to explore:
  • Reflection on Healthy Lifestyle Principles provide the opportunity to take action and identify areas that may need attention, while supporting better lifestyle choices, to create a foundation of optimal health.
  • The Equine Assisted Process will reveal hidden saboteurs around healthy boundaries and personal priorities, while providing the space to interactively experiment with all the new insights you have gained and find more effective ways of operating.

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Option: Healthy Lifestyle Principles
  • Do you only pursue a healthy lifestyle out of fear of disease or the return of a disease?
  • Do you only exercise or eat healthy to look better than another or fit into the crowd?

Physical Lifestyle Principles

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A healthy lifestyle creates balance and joy, when it comes from a healthy motivation. When we respect ourselves, and take responsibility for our own health, we search for aspects that work for us and find out what we love to do, by being open to change and regularly re-evaluating what basic life principles needs attention through the following questions:

  • Do I spend enough time with God?
  • Do I spend enough time in nature?
  • Do I sleep enough?
  • Do I exercise intelligently?
  • Do I eat clean?
  • Do I drink enough water?

Emotional Lifestyle Principles

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When our physical health is taken care of, we have the vitality and energy to focus on our emotional health and can ask the following questions:

  • Do I experience joy in my life or am I just surviving?
  • Do I feel at peace or am I suppressing my emotions?
  • Do I experience trust and openness in my relationships or am I reserved and closed off?
  • Do I experience love and connection or are my relationships strained?
  • Do I need to work on forgiveness?

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Awareness and the identification of hidden saboteurs around healthy boundaries and personal priorities will actively support better lifestyle choices.

Option: Equine Assisted Processes

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Emotional well-being is about the ability to see the bigger picture and realising that you have a choice in every moment and situation. It is about regular re-evaluation of the following questions:

  • Are my priorities in place?
  • Do I have healthy boundaries?
Step 3: The importance of support
Options to explore:
  • Effective Motivational Resources can provide the support to elevate your emotions and keep you focussed, while a support system promotes accountability.
  • The Equine Assisted Process, will provide the opportunity to explore the locus-of-control principle in social interaction, while revealing the importance of support systems with which you can connect with.
  • The supportive optional Physical and Emotional Journey processes can be utilised, to further uncover blocks or resistances, by going to the root of old suppressed emotions and memories on cellular level.

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Option: Motivational Resources

Books, Audios, Videos

Taking responsibility for your own life also relate to surrounding yourself with positive people, who can support you through motivational accountability, while cutting out the negative media and people who drain your energy and vitality.

When we surround ourselves with supportive people with who we can connect with, we find that life’s trials and lessons are much easier to endure and see through.

Option: Equine Assisted Processes

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When we grasp the principle of an inner locus of control, we realise that life is what we make of it and that you have a choice in every moment and situation. It is all about attitude and perspective.

Option: The Journey Processes

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We sometimes may struggle with reactive patterns that we just cannot get a hold on and the supportive optional Physical and Emotional Journey processes can be used to uncover blocks or resistances, by going to the root of old suppressed emotions and memories on cellular level.

Creativity: Empowered re-evaluation
This structure is a way to creatively start living your best life. It is not a quick fix, but rather a support system that provides a platform with options and guidance to encourage personal responsibility towards well-being and quality of life.

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Awareness creates Empowerment which activates transformational creativity

Once you realise you have the choice, tools and support to move from an outside locus of control to an inside locus of control, your experiences will lead to transformational creativity, excitement and freedom! –M Olivier

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The Linear Guidance Steps structure supports creative continuous growth from a healthy foundation.

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We'd love to support you!

This site serves as an educational guidance and support system for you, to use and come back to, as things present in life. Let us help you find a way.

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