Interactive Quantec Support

R750.00 per scan per month

Quantec Analyses Scans provide Balancing Sheets with relevant re-balancing frequencies, which are activated to broadcast for 1 month and weekly interactive support is included.

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  • When higher, more coherent energy interacts with slower, more incoherent energy, it begins to synchronize or harmonize matter to a more organized state. From a quantum perspective, a higher, more coherent frequency is called health, and a slower, more incoherent frequency is called disease. All disease is a lowering of frequency, as well as the expression of incoherent information.
  • The Quantec device uses an original digital photograph, to scan the biological energy field of a body, to identify any existing deficiencies and imbalances on an electro-magnetic level. It then generates a balancing sheet, containing all the relevant frequencies as needed by the individual, to correct the existing imbalances. These frequencies can then be directed and broadcast (radionics) to the individual, for the optimum period required to initiate the re-balancing process.


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