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Equistria Team Retreat


Equistria Life Transforming Quantum Team Retreat

The Equistria Team Retreats offer corporate and sport teams an opportunity to attend an integrative equine-assisted-quantum program to allow radical improvements.

These retreats take teambuilding to the next level with a cutting-edge approach. Join us for a serene, reflective time-out from daily influences to allow each team member to find and stay true to their essence within a group setup and use it as a springboard to re-align with the group’s purpose.

The affordable retreats are specifically organised to cause the least amount of interruption in busy schedules. On request, the retreat can be done over two weekends, during one week away from everything, or if necessary, some presentations can be presented at work, which leave one weekend for practical experience.

Take your team and business to the next level!

This Life Purpose from Essence Process is presented over two weekends and will allow each team member to fully engage with an inspired and excited new perspective about their purpose in their workspace. During these two life changing weekends, the team will work through a basic Linear Guidance Structure and become aware of the Integrative Quantum Structure. These structures will pave the way to a new integrated perception of life, where an expanded awareness will lead the way to a life of presence, flow, and inspired action. Enough time for reflection and practical synchronistic life experiences will be allowed to ensure true transformation. Delegates will walk away with living tools in the form of life movies and the resources for the Enlightened Spiritual Integration process.

What to expect

Activities and Experiences

Profiling and


Equine assisted processes

Tension Release Exercises

Creative Reflection Sessions

Insight and
Awareness Presentations

Fire and Drumming Circles

Focus Games, Skills and Tools

Plant-based Food Experiences

Physical and Quantum

Solidifying Personal Desires

Solidifying Life Purpose Desires

Solidifying Relationship Desires

Solidifying Desired Client Experiences

Living In Vibrational Alignment

Basic program outline

The Itinerary

The retreat package at Equistria’s Venue includes all meals, beverages, activities and presentation material as listed in the itinerary. Packages will vary when the retreat are hosted at other venues. Rates include VAT.

Staff experiences


Equistria Team Retreat

(Presented at Equistria Venue)

From R5,500* per person
(excludes accommodation)

From R7,340* per person sharing
(includes accommodation at Horizon Stables Guest House)

From R13,100* per person
(includes accommodation at Ashwood Boutique Hotel)

Equistria Team Retreat

(Presented on request at other venues) 

From R7,500* per person
(excludes accommodation, rates according to group size)

* Terms and conditions apply

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