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Life Principles Virtual Retreat


Life Principles Introductory Virtual Quantum Retreat

The Life Principles Virtual Wellness Retreat is a twenty-hour introductory program via Zoom to introduce the principles and approaches covered and experienced in all the other Life Principles Retreats. It can be done individually, with a partner or as an organised group.

Join this powerful experience from the comfort of your home to find your essence again and use it as a springboard to re-align with your highest life purpose and desires. Ten sessions of two-hours each, with a variety of cutting-edge quantum presentations, approaches, skills and tools to ensure true transformation.

This affordable retreat can be organised to cause the least amount of interruption in busy schedules. On request, the sessions can be done according to the clients’ time frame.

Do something different! Albert Einstein famously remarked that insanity is doing more of the same, expecting different outcomes.

– Life Principles Group

The Life Principles Retreats introduces different approaches to clients, for them to explore and create a life of freedom. Allow yourself to be open to possibilities unlike the flea with an ability to jump a great distance, but which after a certain time are only able to jump as high as the lid of the container it was confined in. This accepted belief causes the flea to stay stuck in the container although the lid is off.

We believe awareness is the first step to empowerment.

– Life Principles Group

During these life changing sessions, guests will work through a basic Linear Guidance Structure and become aware of the Integrative Quantum Structure. These structures will pave the way to a new integrated perception of life, where an expanded awareness will lead the way to a life of presence, flow, and inspired action. Enough time for reflection and practical synchronistic life experiences will be allowed to ensure true transformation. Delegates will walk away with living tools in the form of life movies and the resources for the Enlightened Spiritual Integration process.

What to expect

Activities and Experiences

Profiling and
Awareness Presentations

Creative Reflection Sessions

Physical and Quantum

Focus Games, Skills and Tools


Solidifying Personal Desires

Solidifying Relationship Desires

Solidifying Life Purpose Desires

Solidifying Desired Client Experiences

Living in Vibrational Alignment

Life Principles Virtual Retreat

(Group Sessions)

From R2,000* per person
(rates according to group size)

Life Principles Virtual Retreat

(Individual Sessions)

From R5,500* per person
(time schedule according to client))

* Terms and conditions apply

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