Mozambique Adventure Retreat

This Adventure Retreat is a one-week retreat in Mozambique for groups and specifically for team-building purposes. The experience promises to be a game changer in combination with an introductory cutting-edge Law-Of-Attraction Program.

The additional option of an even more transformative Equistria Team Retreat is available for future purposes, where Equine-Assisted-Processes are included in the Program, which will transform the initial intellectual knowledge to personal experience.

Mozambique Adventure Retreat

Define your Life as an Adventure

Join us and discover how life itself can be an adventure when you change your perspective.

Enjoy a relaxed, fun-filled, life changing beach experience with our presentations, guided meditations, yoga, a diversity of adventure activities and living tools in the form of life movies.

During this life changing week retreat, guests will work through a basic Linear Guidance Structure and become aware of the Integrative Quantum Structure. These structures will pave the way to a new integrated perception of life, where an expanded awareness will lead the way to a life of presence, flow, and inspired action. Enough time for reflection and practical synchronistic life experiences will be allowed to ensure true transformation. Guests will walk away with living tools in the form of life movies and we will touch on the principles of the Enlightened Spiritual Integration process.

We believe awareness creates empowerment and experience through inspired action and support makes it real.

– Life Principles Group

Activities and Experiences

Profiling and
Finding Your Essence

Beginner to
Yoga Sessions



Scuba or


Selfcare or
Spa Sessions

Dolphin Diving

Dining Experiences


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