“Overeating, alcohol or drug addiction, compulsive shopping, stealing or gambling…

In our culture, we are often taught to address the SURFACE BEHAVIOUR of an addiction and yet we don’t think to look at the CORE ISSUE of what is causing the behaviour in the first place. We address our behaviour, but don’t think to ask, “WHY am I overeating to begin with?” So often we are successful with the new diet for only a short period of time, and then, slowly, our old ways creep back in and our weight increases once again. Why? Because we never found out what was causing us to overeat in the first place. The emotional root cause is still lurking inside the body, unaddressed.” – The Journey Brandon Bays

Life Principles for Transformation provides The Quantec Bio-field Scan to identify core emotional imbalances on an electro-magnetic level, which can be addressed by broadcasting the relevant frequencies as needed to correct the existing dysfunction or imbalance, initiating the healing process. With this support, The Journey Method is the ultimate way of facing the CORE EMOTIONAL ISSUE  to clear it out completely.

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The JourneyThe Journey