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Focussing on going back to basics to experience true freedom.


Supportive, Powerful, Clarifying

Our facilitation is based on universal laws, equine assisted processes, tension release exercises, yoga, guided visualisations and meditation, journey processes, and quantum mechanics. This combination creates an integrative approach to assist and enable our guests to find their own truth towards lasting fulfilment and happiness.

Healing at cellular level is proven and documented with these approaches. It is part of the quantum mechanics of the way the body heal, with the mind, at the core of it all. For more background information click the links below.


There are no better or faster real-life experience that display the law of attraction so exact as our equine processes. – Marie Olivier

The Equine Assisted Experiences remain our main approach, where the ground activities with the horses display metaphorically exactly what beliefs are active in your internal world, as well as your perceptions of the outside world, in a moment-by-moment mirroring effect.

With the equine experiences as platform, we allow you to follow your inner guidance system and stay in touch with your essence through meditation, tension release exercises, yoga and the other supportive approaches.

This provides the perfect space to create life movies of your highest excitements and dreams which engages all your senses to attract your desires by default while enjoying and following the magical experiences of synchronicity.

Meditation is an easy way to freedom

When you allow yourself to stop and become silent, all resistance falls away and you find the answers, solutions and truths were always within you. – Marie Olivier

Equine Assisted Processes


Would you like to find and alter the ineffective behaviours, patterns and blind spots in your life?


There is no substitute for experience!

The horses mirror your behaviour, which brings awareness of choices, options and possibilities, while the activities require action, which enforce experiential learning.


Our equine assisted processes will blow your mind every time.

We create a safe space for fast, effective shifts and insights, through in-the-moment feedback as involuntary habits surface, to let individuals and teams experience practical support and the validation to be their best.

Tension Release Exercises


Have you experienced any tension or physical or emotional trauma recently or as a child?


Releasing pent up tension and trauma in the body, on a physical level, brings back harmony!

Tension (Trauma) Release Exercises restore deep chronic tension and stress caused by recent or past physical or emotional trauma within 6 to 12 weeks.


We can guarantee a deep sense of peace, groundedness and resilience after 12 weeks. There are endless benefits to TRE ©, as it enables reconnection to the true self, restoring the nervous systems’ fight or flight mechanism as well as the body’s natural ability to maintain and heal itself.

Yoga Sessions


Would you like to experience a more relaxed body, mind and soul response to your current and future situations?


Yoga is not about touching your toes; it is about what you learn on the way down!

Daily Yoga sessions will allow a more balanced and relaxed response to stressful environments, causing an overall content response system over time.


Yoga will allow you to find the connection that give balance to the body, mind and soul. Through doing physical postures (asana), with correct breathing (pranayama) we can start creating a stronger body and a clearer and calmer mind. The body will become more relaxed, allowing the mind to become more still and allowing peace to come from within.

Meditation Sessions


Would you like a clear mind and stop the relentless stream of resistant thoughts wearing you down?


Meditation sessions of only 15 minutes per day can allow you to tap into that same power that creates worlds!

In effective meditation, you focus on something meaningless that quiets your mind, which allows your resistance to subside. When your resistance subsides, the natural rising of your vibration occurs until you are a vibrational match to your higher self.


The more we practise letting the space between our thoughts grow, the more we come to appreciate the beauty and power of silence. Meditation is the most powerful tool for coming into vibrational alignment with pure positive non-resistant thought. This creates clarity, focus and inspiration after meditation and it may feel like everything is just working out for you.

Journey Processes


Would you like to access and unlock your repressed cell memories to release and clear blocks and resistances?


You can only move on once you truly let go! The Journey Method is a guided visualisation process to uncover a block or resistance and get to the core emotional cause, stored at a cellular level. Our brains, like a computer, will run old programming with the same patterns, unless we release the old, on a cellular level, and give it new software, to run our bodies in an optimal state of health and well-being.


The Journey Method is a “living” tool that could be used in a very practical way as a journey of discovery into the soul. By assessing your emotional status, you can go to the roots of old suppressed emotions and memories on cellular level, and start releasing layers of stored negative emotions and limiting belief-systems to create ease and an overall balance in your life.

Quantec Support


Do you need emotional and physical support on an electromagnetic level?


Optimum balance and high frequencies create flow in every area of life!

From a quantum perspective, a higher, more coherent frequency is called health. When higher, more coherent energy interacts with slower more incoherent energy, it synchronizes matter or information to a more organized state.


Consistent electromagnetic support through quantum mechanics and bio-communication will raise your vibration.

As cells are a hundred times more sensitive to electromagnetic signals than to chemical signals, and our thoughts are also electromagnetic signals, it is possible to rebalance the body and mind, for as long as it is the individuals’ choice.

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