Our Perception

Change your perception, Change your life. Our perceptions of reality mould, shape and define our lives and wellbeing.

Linear Physical Perception

Acknowledging the moulds

We are multi-dimensional beings, and for a long-time humanity only focused on the physical aspects of their reality. Dimensions are levels of awareness or consciousness, almost like different radio stations, playing on different wave lengths.

Our physical reality is that of a 3-dimensional world which is matter-based. In this dimension there is a limited concept of the universe and a purely physical level of understanding. This awareness allows mostly, only that which can be seen, heard, touched, taste and smell, and our ‘perceptions of reality’ mould, shape and define the way we live our lives.

Linear Physicality

This physical perception is characteristic of the Newtonian universe of gravitation and physical laws and classical mechanics. It is a perception of a linear flow of information, starting with A, which then gives you B, which then gives you C, and which then gives you D.

Emotional Addiction

In this linear physical reality, humanity also operates biologically from limited emotions or survival emotions, which are derived primarily from stress hormones, which tend to endorse more selfish and limited states of mind and body, and are mostly fear based. This is how humanity becomes addicted to negative emotions. Read more in our blog.

Image from the book “You are the Placebo” by Dr Joe Dispenza. Buy now on Amazon.


Recovering your essence

This guidance structure encourages awareness through insights, promotes action through choices, provides support and motivation and cultivates empowerment through habitual re-evaluation.

The guidance is about the journey of recovering your essence and reconnecting with yourself. It focuses on all the basic aspects of an individual’s life experience and will lay a healthy foundation for change, which will lead to the natural next question of ‘What now?’ The structure provides a springboard to establish who you essentially are and what is currently working for you.

We will look at typical linear perspectives and the guidance steps towards freedom from limiting beliefs, emotional addiction and self-sabotage as well as everyday blind-spots. The combination of awareness and practical experience through our discussions and approaches, will provide the platform for continuous new insights and better choices towards an empowered life. Throughout this program we will play with images and ask questions as part of a strategic journey of self-exploration.


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Integrative Quantum Awareness

Awareness of something more

If we are multi-dimensional beings, isn’t it time to expand our awareness of quantum possibility and explore pure potentiality?

Quantum physics states that everything is energy and thus everything is connected. With this realisation we become aware of synchronicity and the power of our thoughts, beliefs and sub-conscious mind. In this dimension there is an expanded concept of the universe and we realise that everything is connected to everything else! We understand that the universal laws are exact, with no preference. Like the law of gravitation, it works every time, irrespective of circumstances or conditions.

Quantum Possibility

The quantum perspective reveals a flow of information that’s an integration of interdependent energy fields entangled in a mesh of interactive systems, where A can give you B, C and D, and B can give you A, C and D, and C can give you A, B and D, and D can give you A, B and C. This perspective is characteristic of the quantum universe of probability, like Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty and the observer effect.

Emotional Transformation

In this integrative quantum reality, humanity starts to embrace elevated, more creative emotions, which lift their energy, biologically to a different hormonal center, which opens the heart and create feelings of more selflessness. This is when the body starts to respond to a new mind and humanity starts to open up to spiritual matters. Read more in our blog.

Image from the book “You are the Placebo” by Dr Joe Dispenza. Buy now on Amazon.

Integrative Quantum Structure

Manifesting your desires

This quantum structure encourages conscious self-inquiry and taking responsibility for everything in your life, to promote inspired action and choices to become a deliberate co-creator in finding a life of balance, purpose and fulfilment.

These insights are about the science of deliberate creation and the joy of the journey. It is the next step from our linear perspective and focuses on the limitless possibilities of the vibrational world of quantum physics and the potential paradigm-shifts to experience abundance in life. It will provide a supportive space to find your own truths and expand awareness through clarifying experiences, which will lead to the natural next question of “What else is possible?’ The structure provides a springboard to establish what your highest excitements and desires are and how to manifest them.

We will look at typical quantum awareness and the integrative leaps towards the freedom of imagination and emotional transformation as well as universal laws and abundance. The combination of awareness and practical experience through our discussions and approaches, will provide the platform for continues inspiration and excitement towards a life of joyful co-creation. We will play with a plan to fine-tune our highest excitements and solidify the process of effortless manifestation through the creation of life movies.


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Enlightened Spiritual Consciousness

Loving the human experience

If we are multi-dimensional beings, wouldn’t it be wise to learn and understand the principles and laws of this team game called life?

When we understand the spiritual laws or universal truths, which is the principles of life, and start to live according to it, we become co-creators with the Divine. Our emotions become our inner guidance system and we are able to stop our thoughts to connect to our inner wisdom. Our vision of creation becomes more expanded and we become masters when we focus on the gift of clarity in every experience.

Spiritual Consciousness

In this enlightened spiritual reality, humanity starts to operate from a space of unconditional love, as shown by Jesus Christ, also referred to as the Christ Consciousness of love.

The Law of Oneness is the basic Principle of Life, which states that everything is connected to everything else, just as the Atom proofs in Quantum Physics & the Golden Spiral shows Mathematically.

You know you are starting to master life, when you accept 100% responsibility for everything in your life, as you understand and appreciate the gift of clarity and expansion in every experience.

Emotional Freedom

As everyone is on their own path, doing the best they know how in every moment, our task is to find our way to our own truth. When we honor and love ourselves, we act by default according to the highest good of all and when we acknowledge and embrace our own humanness, we have by default more compassion towards those around us. This is true freedom.

A beautiful story to explain the LAW OF LIFE

When a newspaper reporter interviewed a farmer, who grew award-winning maize each year he entered his maize in the provincial agricultural fair, it was revealed that the farmer shared his seed maize with his neighbours.

Perplexed, the reporter asked, “How can you afford to share your best seed maize with your neighbours when they are entering their maize in competition with yours each year?”

The farmer smiled knowingly and explained, “The wind picks up pollen from the ripening maize and swirls it from field to field. If my neighbours grow inferior maize, cross-pollination will steadily degrade the quality of my maize. If I am to grow good maize, I must help my neighbours grow good maize.”

Those who live inspired and experience true fulfilment inevitably catalyse expansion for the highest good of all. When we truly understand the principle that everything is connected to everything else, irrespective of what is observed physically, we get that what you allow & do for yourself, you also do for or unto others.

Enlightened Spiritual Space

Blissful connection

This space supports a consciousness of harmony with nature and humanity as well as the re-alignment with your higher self. It encourages the art of allowing abundance in all its expressions, which acts as a catalyst effect to effortlessly continue the expansion and co-creating of your highest vibrational life with inspiration and joy.

This consciousness is about the art of allowing life to flow through you and the magic of focus and alignment. It focuses on the ongoing journey of living in abundance from moment to moment while appreciating the diversity of life and embracing all its aspects as part of our human experience. It will establish a practise and space, to connect with your own inner-guidance and expand your awareness with wonder and an appreciation of life.

We will look at the law of oneness, as the basic principle of life and how we contribute to the expansion and higher good of all, when we focus on good-feeling-thoughts and being happy. The combination of awareness and practical experience through our discussions and approaches, will provide the space for a deep understanding of the perfection and beauty of spiritual laws and universal truths, which will enhance the mastery of your highest life.


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