A true sign of success is the honest recognition that there is always room for improvement, always more growing and learning to do. Success tends to breed more success, and to continue to succeed, you must grow. Highly successful people often come to The Journey for a general internal “house cleaning” to become even more free, more alive and more healthy, in their relationships, at work, or within themselves. They come to be more successful. Often when people have achieved everything, something inside them says, “I’ve achieved everything I thought I wanted, and yet I just know there is something more – something greater.” Having sought the greatness in the outer world and having realized that there is something missing, they begin to turn their attention inward, hoping to find the truth that will set them free.” – The Journey by Brandon Bays

At Equistria Centre we provide options for personal growth and improvement in the form of our Equine Assisted Programs, and Life Principles provide the options of the Quantec Bio-field Scan, which also promote awareness and empowerment. With this new awarenesses, The Journey Method is the ultimate way of facing any life issues to address the root cause to clear it out completely.

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