Live your Life on Purpose

The awareness of choice and possibilities can catalyze a life of resilience and inspiration!

Do you unconsciously react to everything you don’t agree with? Do you get triggered by every word or thing you interpret as opposing to your beliefs?

Are you waiting for the world to change, for you to feel better? Is the global mental health crisis due to emotionally drained people, who lost hope?

The more unpredictable or chaotic the world seems to be, the more important it is to make sense of YOUR world and integrate and master YOUR emotions in such a way that your internal world doesn’t mirror the chaos of the external world.

Due to social media, we are bombarded with the worst-case scenarios globally, causing a sense of overwhelm as if these situations are all around us. No human being is designed to absorb the whole world’s disasters and tragedies on a day-to-day basis. At the same time, we have to juggle our personal and family situations which demand resilience and focus. The conclusion is that Emotional Intelligence never was as important as it is today!

Life Principles facilitate quality of life and the awareness of possibilities through a variety of wellness workshops and international wellness retreats, which are combined with a luxury African Experience.

Life Principles for Transformation is also a Services SETA Accredited Training Provider, accredited to offer the SAQA Unit Standard on the principles and concepts of emotional intelligence to the management of self and others.

The understanding that we can only start with ourselves before we direct our focus outwards to our family, then our community and then to the world, can give us back a sense of empowerment to strategically start living our lives purposefully.


Awareness of possibilities allows a life of resilience and freedom!

Do you need to prioritize a time-out, to check in with yourself and see where you are mentally and emotionally?

The Life Principles Program has been designed to tip the scale from intellectual knowledge to personal experience and the workshops and retreats allow clients to experience a new integrated perception of life with practical tools and skills to live empowered and purposeful.

Where science meets nature

Training the mind to think is more important than the learning of facts – Albert Einstein


effortless clarity, with joyful ease and excitement when you re-align with your essence by making self-knowledge and self-care a priority.


how the universal laws work for you in every moment, in the most practical way, through quantum mechanics and equine assisted experiences.


how to focus, and engage all your senses by creating life movies, and experience the transformational freedom of a deliberate co-creator in life.


your inner-guidance and reflect on what you want in your life, through meditation and a focused scientific approach towards your desires.


time for yourself to reconnect to a life of wellbeing and freedom, while enjoying the magical moments of synchronicity along the way.

The program ensures true transformation through a combination of quantum science and powerful alternative healing modalities, with a focus on emotional intelligence, including tools and skills for clients to continuously create their ultimate reality and live their lives on purpose.

Our integration processes incorporate a specialized team of collaborators who adds multiple Alternative Complementary Disciplines, and the powerful Equine-Assisted-Processes makes this program unique by allowing a space for clients to find their own truths with clarity and confidence, as it mirrors the nature of life with all its principles in profound ways. (No horse riding is involved).

Change your perception, Change your life.

Marie Olivier

We can never run away from our reality, as we ultimately have to take ourselves with… Ever wondered how it is that:


In the same situation some people are thriving, while others are struggling?


In the same area some people feel safe, while others feel unsafe?


In the same world some people experience abundance, while others lack?

When you change your perception and understand the science behind the power of focus, you will become aware of a synchronistic world of beautiful and exciting possibilities.





Happy Clients


Join us to experience the freedom of living your life on purpose.

What to expect

Benefits of the Retreats

  • Awareness 90% 90%
  • Sustainability 85% 85%
  • Inspirational 95% 95%
  • Transformational 75% 75%

There is something about the outside of a horse, that is good for the inside of a man.

President Ronald Reagan

We invite guests from around the world to come and experience the powerful phenomenon of synchronicity, displayed moment by moment through interaction with the horses. The transformative real-life-metaphors, mirrored and displayed through the equine assisted experiences, remain the same for all human beings, irrespective of culture or background.

What is an Equine Assisted Experience?

Why use horses?

What are the benefits?

No horse riding is involved.


A strategic journey to reconnect with your essence and find your way

The Life Principles Program will take you on a strategic journey starting with a backdrop of principles, concepts, and foundational choices. This includes an overview of the principles for transformation in terms of our physical perspective of life and our energetic awareness of the world, followed by the principles and concepts of emotional intelligence and leadership, with a reflection on the biology of belief and our life choices.

Next the spotlight is set on a deep understanding of ourselves and others, with a focus on our temperaments, which is how we are wired, followed by the Enneagram profiling system to reflect, with compassion, on our personalities and the survival strategies or ego games we all play. The unique and powerful equine facilitated processes allow a practical space of exploration to assess and sort through the effective beliefs and behaviors in our individual world or reality, as well as potential blind-spots, while testing theories to experience all these aspects of life in real time. To conclude this phase there is an opportunity to embrace our emotions as the ultimate inner guidance it provides, with some powerful writing techniques combined with fire ceremonies.

Then the awareness is set on the power and influence of focus, preferences, and boundaries. When we understand the universal laws and the power of clarity and intent, we can properly engage in life as the team game it is. This deeper understanding of life will allow insight, to use the feedback we receive in every moment, which will enable us to integrate our past, regulate our behavior and influence our reality to move towards a compelling vision with purpose. The equine facilitated processes will allow deep realizations and the awareness of our vibrational reality as well as the importance of heart-brain coherence. To conclude this phase, the focus will move to powerful skills and tools in the form of breathing techniques, tension release exercises and meditation, to become familiar with the heart-brain coherence phenomenon, and experiment with the different ways of finding the right support for you, which is available in every moment.

With all the accumulated information and practical experiences, a platform is created to reflect on individual and group goals through powerful questions. The final process of integration is facilitated by telling a New Integrated Story through the creation of Life Movies, and guests will walk away with tools and skills to continue the journey of fine-tuning with resilience and insight, while celebrating all experiences as lessons of clarity towards their ever-evolving goals!


There is no substitute for experience

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