Dare to Experience True Freedom

Training the mind to think is more important than the learning of facts– Albert Einstein

The Life Principles Group focus on facilitating quality of life, through national and international wellness retreats, with tools and skills to allow guests to experience a new integrated perception of life.

The Retreats have been designed to tip the scale from intellectual knowledge to personal experience, through a diversity of powerful approaches, tools and skills, in an integrative, cutting-edge quantum program. The equine-assisted-processes and meditative-journey-processes allow a space for our guests to find their own truths with clarity and confidence. This approach ensures our guests experience true transformation, to leave empowered with tools and skills to continuously create their ultimate reality and live a life of freedom. (No horse riding involved)

Where science meets nature

Learn how to create your ultimate reality

  • Do you know what you really want in life?
  • Are you living a life of wellbeing and freedom?
  • Do you experience magical moments of synchronicity?
  • Are you ready to transform your life into a journey of inspiration and excitement?
  • Want to experience a Transformational Wellness Retreat amongst some of the most amazing sites and wildlife in South Africa?


effortless clarity, with joyful ease and excitement when you re-align with your essence by making self-knowledge and self-care a priority.


how the law of attraction works for you in every moment, in the most practical way, through equine assisted experiences, while enjoying a South African Adventure.


how to focus and engage all your senses by creating life movies and experience the transformational freedom as a deliberate co-creator of your highest dreams.


your inner-guidance and review what you want to attract in your life by staying in touch with your essence through meditation while following a focused approach towards your desires.


time for yourself to reconnect and feel the relief of living a life of wellbeing and appreciation, while enjoying the magical moments of synchronicity along the way.

Change your perception, Change your life.

We can never run away from our reality, as we ultimately have to take ourselves with…

Ever wondered how it is that:

In the same situation some people are thriving, while others are struggling?

In the same area some people feel safe, while others feel unsafe?

In the same world some people experience abundance, while others experience lack?

When you change your limiting beliefs & understand the power of focus, you change your vibrational alignment and you begin to experience a world of exciting synchronistic possibilities.

Are you ready?






Retreat Packages

Reflective insight, Inspired action, Joyful creation!

Join us to experience the transformational freedom of participating as a deliberate co-creator of your highest dreams.

There is no substitute for experience


What our clients say

There is something about the outside of a horse, that is good for the inside of a man.
President Ronald Reagan

We welcome guests from around the world, since the transformative real-life-metaphors mirrored and displayed through the equine assisted experiences, remain the same for all humans, irrespective of culture or background.
What is an Equine Assisted Experience?
Why use horses?

What are the benefits?

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