Why use horses?

Activities with horses are highly interactive and provide “in the moment” learning experiences, which can be difficult to acquire in a more traditional setting.

Horses are sensitive animals

Having highly developed mirror neurons for survival

The power of equine facilitated processes is partly due to the similarities between the nature of horses, the nature of human beings and the nature of the universal laws.

Just as horses will mirror exactly what the participant is focused on, the law of attraction attracts exactly what is focused upon. Horses also display the well-known principle of, “that which you resist will persist”, as they tend to physically lean into a push-energy and pull against a pull-energy.

Most importantly, is the ability of horses to sense, and respond to participants’ intentions, emotions and thoughts, which are conveyed subconsciously, through body language and mirror neurons.


When touching a horse, you ground yourself by default

‘Your Body Is Your Subconscious Mind.’

Our unprocessed emotions unbalance our nervous system and impact our body. When our body experiences difficult emotions, and we don’t have the ability to work through them, (as happens often in childhood) they get stuck in our body. When there’s a lot of emotional stress in our system, we can develop dis-ease, and we lose our ‘heart-brain coherence’, which is state of unity or rhythm between mind, body and spirit. When we are in a coherent state, ‘personal energy is accumulated, which leaves more energy to manifest intentions and harmonious outcomes. An incoherent heart rate can create blocks in our mind and body – our heart can literally lose its power. (We know this because our heart has an electromagnetic field that can range from 90cm to 2 meters.) When our heart is coherent, it is open, and we are able to experience expansive feelings. At such times the field can expand up to 4 meters. You feel more connected to yourself, and those around you.

We Need an Attuned Companion to Help Us Process and Digest stuck Emotions.

Horses’ electromagnetic fields are 5x more powerful than human hearts, extending up to 9 meters. If you are around a grounded and happy horse, their system can actually regulate your system, referred to as co-regulation. This can also happen with another person whose heart has coherence.

The Hips Store Trauma and Other Unprocessed Emotions.

Trauma in the body doesn’t play out only as sad or anxious feelings. A feeling of being ‘stuck’ in your life or repeating of old patterns can also be from undigested trauma. When we release the trauma emotions, we have more energy for other areas of our life. When we process and digest the trauma, we have access to a hidden, disconnected part of us that we didn’t have access to before. Chronic pain and life issues disappear, and you have access to creative energy to create the life you want.

*”I didn’t know much about the power of horses when I started riding. I felt an energetic shift in me as I did. He taught me how the body holds our traumas and how horses can help you unlock and process stuck emotions.”

– This piece was written and credited by Dr Saliha from the Lighthouse Arabia.

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