Why use horses?

The power of the equine assisted experience is partly due to the similarities between the nature of horses, the nature of human beings and the nature of universal laws.

Horses are sensitive animals

When touching a horse, you ground yourself by default

Just as horses will mirror exactly what the participant is focused on, the law of attraction attracts exactly what is focused upon. Horses also display the well-known law of that which you resist will persist, as they tend to lean into a push-energy and pull against a pull-energy.

As prey animals, horses’ “flight” instincts, become instant mirrors and non-judgmental bio-feedback mechanisms for humans. When participants change their beliefs, horses respond differently.

Horses sense and respond to participants’ intentions, emotions and thoughts, which are conveyed subconsciously, through body language.

Activities with the horses are highly interactive and provide “in the moment” learning experiences, which can be difficult to acquire in a more traditional setting.

Connecting with and directing a thousand-pound animal, in spite of fears and uncertainty, while standing on the ground, gives an incredible boost to participants’ confidence.

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