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Life Principles

Stress Release and Trauma Integration Practice

The Life Principles Support Program offers multiple alternative healing modalities for those who are on a healing journey. The Life Principles Stress Release and Trauma Integration Practice is based in Bloemfontein at the Equistria Venue and is focused on an inclusive holistic approach of emotional support and freedom.

An online platform is also available for ongoing support

The program includes powerful Equine Assisted Processes to catalyze awareness and practical insights with the option of Tension and Trauma Release Processes, Guided Journey Processes, Creative Reflective Processes, as well as Distant Support.

Heal your Trauma and Recover your Natural State of Harmony

Healing is usually a step-by-step process, because any form of overwhelm causes trauma, which sends our nervous system into fight, flight or even freeze. Life Principles promote self-regulation by offering discounted rates for clients who commit to a series of sessions.

What to expect

Options and Experiences

Equine Assisted Processes

Reflective Writing Techniques

NLP and Journey Processes

Tension Release Exercises

Reflective Mirror Processes

Music and Frequencies

Breathing Techniques

Self-knowledge and Integration

Meditation Techniques

Reading and Information

Mindfulness and Grooming

Mindful Movement and Exercise

Healing Breath Work Sessions

Detox Solutions and Routines

Supportive Quantec Scans


For more information about the processes and experiences


R750 per hour session for an individual or family unit


R1950 per 3 sessions (R650 per session)
R3300 per 6 sessions (R550 per session)
R5400 per 12 sessions (R450 per session)

The Complete Life Principles Program

R8250 per 35 sessions (R235 per session)

*Terms and Conditions Apply

“Emotional Intelligence enhances Understanding and the Awareness to make Sense of Life. This creates Resilience, and Confidence to embrace failure as the potential Growth Experience it always is. This cultivates a sense of Presence, and Acceptance of the fact that life keeps showing us ways towards more Growth. All of this allows people to Feel Good about their Experiences, and people who Feel Good, Do Good, which naturally work for the Higher Good of All.” – Marié.

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