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Thanks, so much Marie to you and your team for hosting us at your retreat. You have introduced us to new meanings and new depths of what we are and what we can become. Your team left me revitalized and energized. I feel ready to take on anything.
Riaan L

Retreat Guest

I had heard about equine assisted activities before and how children with disabilities can gain from it. Then I experienced it myself through these sessions. My emotions were clearly elaborated and all I had to do, was think why the horses reacted in certain ways and how it applied and played out in my life. It was very refreshing and humbling. I was blown away every time.
Woodlands Nurture


I have been struggling with my business and the lockdown hit me hard, both financially and emotionally. I have lost me edge, second guessing myself. Fear of failure was starting to overwhelm me. I did not know if I should call it quits, give up or to keep fighting. Worse of all I did not really know I was feeling all this.
I came to retreat with an open mind, and I had time to kill as my businesses was closed. What could I lose?

The profiling helped me to better understand as to how I am wired, what makes me tick and what makes me feel down. Through the process of meditation and the sessions with the horses, I came to realise to forgive myself my pass failings, to not be so hard on myself and what is real obstacles and what is perceived obstacles.

I’ve changed my outlook from very negative to positive during the journey and I have much more drive and energy.

This has already paid off, as my businesses opened in May and the turnover was more than last year April and May combined.

I have also realised that my family is the most important thing, and spend more time with my boys and less time worrying. I am a much nicer person to be around.

W Brand

Retreat Guest

I was impressed by the way the horses clearly showed what was going on in my life. The combination of clean observations, simple questions and the powerful, non-judgemental interactions with the horses lead to amazing insights and solutions.
School Teacher


The “Life Purpose from Essence” programs shed light on past and present experiences and brings along excitement for the future. It created an awareness in me of my reactions when the pressure is on and motivated me to find better ways to manage myself and my relationships. I have learnt valuable lessons about connection, push energies, inspired actions and the power of intent (just to mention a few). I enjoy the benefits of my new perspectives and what I’ve learnt every day.

I really enjoyed Marie’s openness and honesty and appreciated her professional guidance, as well as those of her excellent horse-team. I strongly recommend this course for anyone who feels stuck but knows inherently there is much more to life than what meets the eye.

A van Niekerk

Retreat Guest

When arriving a wonderful warm and friendly atmosphere awaited me. Marie has the ability to let every person feel safe and secure and this leads to people sharing their ideas and their feelings more openly. In a world where people tend to focus on their own ego the whole time, her guidance was refreshing. Marie allowed us to share our experiences without judgement and the course opened up a new world for me. I felt so excited about the possibilities and I immediately wanted to start experimenting with the new concepts. The application of these concepts work and I changed my whole attitude towards life. The way my lookout at life changed had a wonderful effect on myself but this also spilled over to my family, friends and colleagues. I know myself better now. I understand the areas in my life that created stress. I can cope with stress better, because I know now how to direct my thoughts to a better situation for myself as well
as the people around me.

I enjoyed the sessions with the horses much more than I expected. I must admit I was a bit scared of horses, but the whole experience I had with choosing a horse and the “obstacles” we had to overcome together had a wonderful symbolical meaning to me that I will carry with me forever. The notes I received from Marie is now on top of my desk in my office and I frequently study them in order to “stay in shape”. I strongly recommend this “journey” with Marie to every person who cares enough to find their place in the universe in order to make life better for themselves and those around you. May many more people be blessed in the insight of this “journey” with Marie.

L Gropp

Retreat Guest

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