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Aroha International Wellness and Safari Retreat

A seven-day safari retreat

Aroha Life Transforming EQ and Wellness Safari Retreat

The AROHA Wellness and Safari Retreat is an exclusive 7-day wellness retreat that takes place at the Amakhala Private Game Reserve and offers a South African Big Five Wildlife Experience for international visitors, in pure luxury. This 5-star African Experience, in combination with a pivotal integrative Equine-Assisted-Emotional-Intelligence and Awareness Program, will focus on wellness with the goal to allow guests to unwind and be restored through a strategic health and wellness program, including tools and skills to live and function in a more balanced & efficient way.

The word AROHA means love and affection, which contains the foundational principle of life, the Law of Oneness, which in quantum physical terms means everything is vibrational and thus connected. So understanding that we put something of ourselves into whatever we are doing, we can consciously send our intent out into the universe, and become deliberate co-creators in life.

Join us for a serene, yet intense reflective African retreat experience, to find your essence again and use it as a springboard to re-align with your highest self. Learn how to create your ultimate reality, by becoming aware of your blind-spots and allowing the universal laws to support you in a step-by-step process.

Enjoy game drives and nature, an extensive physical and emotional detoxification program, reflective fire and writing ceremonies, practical equine assisted experiences, tension release exercises, guided meditations and mindfulness sessions, as well as life-changing presentations with skills and tools to live your life on purpose.

What to expect

Activities and Experiences

Life Principles believes awareness creates empowerment and experience through inspired action and support makes it real.

During this life changing week retreat, guests will work through structured principles based on a Linear Physical Perception and an Integrative Energetic Awareness. These structures will pave the way to a new integrated perception of life, where an expanded awareness will lead the way to a life of presence, flow, and inspired action. Enough time for reflection and practical synchronistic life experiences will allow Guests to walk away with living tools in the form of life movies as well as life skills, to be able to live their life on purpose.


The Itinerary

The retreat package includes all Activities and Facilitation as listed in the Downloadable Itinerary with Pricing. The package includes 5-star Accommodation for 6 Nights at the Amakhala Game Reserve’s Luxury Bukela or Bush Lodge with Airport Transfers for groups, all Meals with Health Snacks and Beverages, a Big Five Safari experience with Game Drives, an extensive Physical and Emotional Detoxification Program to reset and find a sense of wellbeing and balance, Guided Meditations and Mindfulness Activities, Tension Release Processes, Equine Assisted Activities, Life Counseling focused on custom processes for individual needs, Time for Reflection and Integration, Campfire and Writing Ceremonies, Creation of Life Movies and Presentation Material with Tools, as well as Gifts to take home.

Excluded are Airfare, Travel Insurance and Visas, all Alcoholic Drinks and a Mini Bar Account for additional stock, Activity extras or additional Detox Sessions or Spa Treatments and Adventure or Adrenaline Activities, which can be added on request to enhance group or team coherence, e.g., Sand Boarding, Sea Kayaking, Horseback Riding, Hiking Trails and Paragliding. Rates are dependent on seasons and include VAT.

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Enjoy a life transforming luxury African safari experience

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Guest Experience


Marie’s sessions are practical, life-changing and invigorating. Her integration of theoretical principles and the practical sessions is excellent in terms of keeping the energy of flow and the flow of energy perfectly matched. When interacting with the horses in a neutral and non-threatening environment, Marie uses her natural gift of presence and awareness to observe the “unfolding of personal stories.”

She dares one to confront your assumptions about life and living in a refreshing, creative and very practical way. I highly recommend attending her retreats / workshops, whether you attend for business (teamwork), personal (growth) or therapeutic (horses are marvellous creatures) reasons, you are bound to be challenged, surprised and invigorated by uncovering the limitlessness of your unleashed potential. A 5-Star experience!

Igno van Niekerk

Author, Lecturer and Leadership Trainer

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