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Equistria Wellness Workshop


An Equine Assisted EQ and Wellness Workshop

The Equistria Wellness Workshops, hosted at Equistria Venue in Bloemfontein, offers an opportunity to attend a similar, but more affordable experience as the Equistria Wellness Retreat and Aroha Safari Retreat. This workshop is the combination of a pivotal integrative equine-assisted-emotional-intelligence and awareness program, with a focus on how to live your life on purpose.

These affordable workshops can be specifically organized to cause the least amount of interruption in busy schedules. A workshop can be presented over 2 weekends or if necessary, 12 hours of online presentations can be done, which leaves 1 weekend for practical experience. On request, it can be presented as a packaged 5-7 day Retreat at Equistria or a more luxurious Retreat at Monkey Valley to include the ocean. See Equistria Wellness Retreat.

The word EQUISTRIA means horse things and the equine assisted processes are a foundational part of the program to ensure in-the-moment practical, and pivotal insights about the self and others.

Ever thought it’s too late or I am too old to change things? STOP! Every single thing you have ever experienced can be integrated into a meaningful and purposeful present moment. Choose to make your accumulated experiences count by changing your perception to integrate the clarity and wisdom it gave you and live your best life NOW!

Commit to a serene, yet intense reflective time-out from daily influences to find your essence again and use it to integrate and re-align with your highest self. Learn how to create your ultimate reality, by becoming aware of your blind-spots and allowing the universal laws to support you in a step-by-step process.

Enjoy nature with practical equine assisted experiences, reflective writing and fire ceremonies, tension release exercises, guided meditations and mindfulness sessions, as well as life-changing presentations with skills and tools to live your life on purpose. An extensive physical and emotional detox program is optional.

What to expect

Activities and Experiences

Powerful Awareness Presentations

Yoga or Alignment Practices

Equine Assisted Processes

Tension Release Exercises


Fire and Drumming Circles

Physical and Energetic Integration

Creative Reflection Sessions

Focus Games, Life-Skills and Tools

Plant-based Food Experiences

Temperament & Personality Profiling

Solidifying Personal Desires

Solidifying Desired Work Experiences

Solidifying Relationship Desires

Solidifying Life- Purpose Desires

You are always one decision away from a totally different life.

– Life Principles Group

During this life changing accredited emotional intelligence and wellness program, delegates will work through structured principles based on a Linear Physical Perception and an Integrative Energetic Awareness. These structures will pave the way to a new integrated perception of life, where an expanded awareness will lead the way to a life of presence, flow, and inspired action. Enough time for reflection and practical synchronistic life experiences will allow delegates to walk away with living tools in the form of life movies as well as life skills, to create a space of sustainable transformation and inspired integration.


The Itinerary

The Equistria Wellness Workshop rates exclude accommodation and group rates apply. Our Workshop package includes all activities and facilitation as listed in the itinerary, as well as coffee stations for the duration of the workshop. Plant-based meals and optional activities like individual Journey and Tension release sessions can be included on request. Packages will increase for other venues, according to their rates, including the equine facilities and the facilitator’s traveling and accommodation expenses. Rates include VAT, and Terms & Conditions apply. 


Enjoy a life transforming experience

Guest Experience


I have been struggling with my business and the lockdown hit me hard, both financially and emotionally. I have lost me edge, second guessing myself. Fear of failure was starting to overwhelm me. I did not know if I should call it quits, give up or to keep fighting. Worse of all I did not really know I was feeling all this.
I came to retreat with an open mind, and I had time to kill as my businesses was closed. What could I lose?

The profiling helped me to better understand as to how I am wired, what makes me tick and what makes me feel down. Through the process of meditation and the sessions with the horses, I came to realise to forgive myself my pass failings, to not be so hard on myself and what is real obstacles and what is perceived obstacles.

I’ve changed my outlook from very negative to positive during the journey and I have much more drive and energy.

This has already paid off, as my businesses opened in May and the turnover was more than last year April and May combined.

I have also realised that my family is the most important thing, and spend more time with my boys and less time worrying. I am a much nicer person to be around.

W Brand

Business Owner, Outdoor Men

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You are always one decision away from a totally different life.

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